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THE FESTIVE 2017 Range

It's that time of year again when we pull out all the stops and bring you a whole range of beers tailored for the season.

(Don't forget all our other special brews which you can find here.)

Mighty Oak Brewing Company, Maldon, Essex. - Reindeer Gold Reindeer Gold 3.5% abv
Malts: Vienna. Aroma Hops: Azacca (US); Ahtanum (US).
A delightful refreshing reindeer beer with citrus, mango, pine, lemon, and floral characters. A real festive fruit bowl.

Mighty Oak Brewing Company, Maldon, Essex. - Wise Quackers Wise Quackers 3.6% abv
Malts: Brown; crystal; black. Aroma Hops: First Gold (UK); Goldings (UK)
A deep brown, easy drinking bitter. Gentle roasted coffee and a sweet nutty maltiness are complemented by a rounded traditional Goldings hop character.

Mighty Oak Brewing Company, Maldon, Essex. - Yellow Snow Yellow Snow 3.8% abv
Malts: Caramalt. Aroma Hops: Hallertaue Brewers Gold (D); Perle (D).
A golden yellow ale with an initial malt sweetness and floral/citrus hop aroma followed by a balancing bitterness and a zesty, long aftertaste. Plenty of German Hallertau Brewers Gold hops.

Mighty Oak Brewing Company, Maldon, Essex. - Yule Brynner Yule Brynner 4.1% abv
deep amber
Malts: Munich; crystal. Aroma Hops: Simcoe (US); Comet (US).
Yuletide greetings to you, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera... this robust best bitter has plenty of fruity grapefruit hoppiness and hints of pine.

Mighty Oak Brewing Company, Maldon, Essex. - Wonky Donkey Wonky Donkey 4.3% abv
palest blonde
Malts: Rye. Aroma Hops: Centennial (US); Willamette (US).
A very pale, but very flavoursome ale, with a refreshing floral and herbal character from the Centennial and Willamette hops, and a long bitter finish. Ideal as an appetiser.

Pickled Walnut Pickled Walnut 5.0% abv
A dark, traditional strong porter, with coffee, dark chocolate and a lingering, but smooth bitter finish.
Malt: Maris Otter; black; amber; crystal malts. Aroma Hops: Chinook (US).

Mighty Oak Brewing Company, Maldon, Essex. - Bingle Jells Bingle Jells 5.2% abv
Malts: Crystal; chocolate. Aroma Hops: Challenger (UK); Cascade (US).
Winter warmer with a nutty, creamy maltiness and gentle fruity hoppiness from Challenger and Cascade. Perfect with Christmas Pudding

Retail Prices:
Beer Minipin - 18 pints Polypin - 36 pints Firkin - 72 pints
Reindeer Gold 3.5% £34.00 £68.00 £106.48
Wise Quackers 3.6% £34.00 £68.00 £108.64
Yellow Snow 3.8% £34.00 £68.00 £110.53
Yule Brynner 4.1% £34.00 £68.00 £114.47
Wonky Donkey 4.3% £34.00 £68.00 £115.72
Pickled Walnut 5.0% £39.00 £74.00 £121.36
Bingle Jells 5.2% £39.00 £74.00 £122.96
(prices inc. vat)