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Beer in a box!

Take our award winning beers home with you! See below for pricing & payment options for the beers we keep in stock, in boxes.
Our other beers and our one-of and monthly themed specials can be put into a box especially for you if you opt in to our monthly email to find out what is coming up and let us know which beer you want before we rack it.

To Join the mailing list, simply email:; subject: Join me up to your monthly email list, or SEND MAIL

Beer Mini Pin - 18 pints Poly Pin - 36 pints
Oscar Wilde 3.7% £34.00 £68.00
Maldon Gold 3.8% £34.00 £68.00
Captain Bob 3.8% £34.00 £68.00
Kings 4.2% £34.00 £68.00
(prices inc. vat)

Mighty Oak Brewing Company, Maldon, Essex beer in a box! Looking after your ‘Beer in a Box’ – how to get the best result…

1. Keep your beer cool all the time, around 10 – 13 degrees is best

2. Setting up the box. Open the flap around the perforations to reveal the tap. Place onto a firm surface where you will be serving the beer from, lean it slightly forward (a paperback book under the back edge should do it)

3. Allow your beer to settle. Our beer normally settles within about six hours but ideally you should allow 24 hours between setting up the beer and starting to drink it

4. Enjoy your beer! Once opened the quality should last approx 5 – 10 days but could be good for much longer

Call us if you have any problems.

Payment options: cash, cheque or debit card on collection.
For a small fee, we could deliver your beer if you live within our normal dray run
– call us for details and prices.