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Brewing Process

Here's more about us and the way we brew from ingredients to storage and delivery.

To brew the best beer we start with the finest ingredients we can find.

We use only floor malted Maris Otter pale malt with roasted malts for additional colour and flavour. We pay a premium price for this malt but we believe it is worth it.

We choose only the "Choicest" hops which we also pay a premium price for.
The wide variety of hops we use helps give each of our beers its own distinctive character.

We think you will agree that our beers have great depth of flavour and even in the palest of our beers the biscuity flavour of Maris Otter malt is clearly discernible.
The temperature of our mash is carefully controlled to
optimise the extract we get from our malt.

Storage and Delivery
boiling container
Our multi varietal yeast form allows for more complexity of flavour than the usual single varietal yeast. Our beer is fermented for four days. This is longer than many breweries and helps develop depth of flavour.

From fermenters our beer goes into holding tanks for at least 24 hours before being racked into cask.

Our fining regime has been developed so that our beers retain sufficient yeast for good condition whilst normally settling within 4-6 hours.

Our beer is stored in our coldroom at 10c. We expect our beer to be at or just below 12c by the time it reaches your cellar. By not allowing the beer to rise above this temperature the life and quality of the beer is maximised. In an emergency you can serve the beer on the same day as purchased although we recommend keeping our beer longer to allow the condition to develop.